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Recent publications

Thiel WA, Blume ZI, Mitchell DM. 2022. Compensatory engulfment and Müller glia reactivity in the absence of microglia. Glia.

Thiel W, Esposito EJ, Findley AP, Blume ZI, and Mitchell DM. 2022. Modulations of Retinoid-X-Receptors differentially regulates expression of apolipoprotein genes apoc1 and apoeb by zebrafish microglia. BiologyOpen.

Issaka Salia O and Mitchell DM. 2020. Bioinformatic analysis and functional predictions of selected regeneration-associated transcripts expressed by zebrafish microglia. BMC Genomics.

Blume ZI, Lambert JL, Lovel AG, Mitchell DM. 2020. Microglia in the developing retina couple phagocytosis with the progression of apoptosis via P2RY12 signaling. Developmental Dynamics.

Mitchell DM*, Sun C, Hunter SS, New DD, Stenkamp DL. 2019. Regeneration associated transcriptional signature of microglia and macrophages. Scientific Reports. *Lead and corresponding author


Mitchell DM*, Lovel AG, Stenkamp DL. 2018. Dynamic changes in microglial and macrophage characteristics during degeneration and regeneration of the zebrafish retina. Journal of Neuroinflammation. 15:163. *Lead and corresponding author


Chi Sun, Mitchell DM, Stenkamp DL. 2018. Isolation of photoreceptors from mature, developing, and regenerated zebrafish retinas, and of microglia/macrophages from regenerating zebrafish retinas. Experimental Eye Research. 177:130-144.


Mackin RD, Frey RA, Gutierrez C, Farre AA, Kawamura S, Mitchell DM, Stenkamp DL. 2019. Endocrine Regulation of Multichromatic Color Vision. PNAS.


McGinn TE, Galicia CA, Leoni DC, Partington NN, Mitchell DM, Stenkamp DL. Rewiring the regenerated zebrafish retina: Reemergence of bipolar neurons and cone-bipolar circuitry following an inner retinal lesion. 2019. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology.


McGinn TE, Mitchell DM, Meighan PC, Partington N, Leoni DC, Jenkins CE, Varnum MD, Stenkamp DL. Restoration of Dendritic Complexity, Functional Connectivity, and Diversity of Regenerated Retinal Bipolar Neurons in Adult Zebrafish. Journal of Neuroscience. 38:120–36.


Mitchell DM*, Stevens CB*, Hunter SS, Frey RA, Kawamura S, and Stenkamp DL. 2015. Retinoic acid signaling regulates differential expression of the tandemly-duplicated long wavelength- sensitive cone opsins in zebrafish. Plos Genetics. 11(8):e1005483 *Equal contribution to this work.

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