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Diana Mitchell, PhD

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

University of Idaho.

BS, University of California, San Diego, 2004

PhD, University of Utah, 2012

PostDoc, University of Tennessee, 2012-2014

Research Assistant Professor, University of Idaho, 2014-2017

Assistant Professor, University of Idaho, 2017-2023

Associate Professor, University of Idaho, 2023-present


Michael Morales
Graduate Student,
MMBB Program

BS, University of New Mexico

This could be you!!
We are recruiting
graduate students!

Nick Olsen
MS Student,

BS, Washington State University


Jordan Rumford
Research Specialist

BS, Wake Forest University


Laurel Nunez
Research Specialist

BS, Lewis Clark State College

MS, University of Idaho


Whitney Thiel, Research Associate

Ailis Grieshaber, undergraduate researcher

Jenai Archer, undergraduate researcher

Anna Findley, undergraduate researcher

Jordan Hieronymus, undergraduate researcher

Emma Esposito, MS degree, July 2020

Zach Blume, undergraduate researcher and research technician

Anna Lovel, undergraduate researcher and research technician

Jared Lambert, undergraduate researcher

Sydney Hibbs, undergraduate researcher

Samantha Roberts, undergraduate researcher

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