October 2020

Graduate applications are being accepted at the University of Idaho, with a priority deadline in mid-December. Please contact Dr. Mitchell and apply if you are interested! We have funding to fully support 2 graduate students!


August 2020

Dr. Mitchell was awarded a research grant from NIH. We are so excited to see where this will take us! Come join our team!

July 2020

Emma defended her thesis and was awarded her MS degree! Congrats, Emma! We will miss you and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

June 2020

We are recruiting!!! We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic graduate students to join our group, as well as a Research Technician. Potential Postdocs are also encouraged to contact Dr. Mitchell to discuss potential opportunity with our group! 

May 2020

Anna was awarded a Summer Research Fellowship from the University of Idaho Office of Undergraduate Research! 

March 2020

Our most recent manuscript has been accepted for publication by Developmental Dynamics! Congrats to Zach, Jared, and Anna for their excellent work on this paper! It can be found online here:


January 2020

We have two new undergraduate student members! Ailis was selected for a Spring 2020 INBRE

STEM Trainee Fellowship, and Dawson joins our group, too!

October 2019

Undergraduate student Anna joins our group!

September 2019

The Idaho INBRE program is accepting student applications for Summer 2020 Fellows. If you are an undergraduate student interested in working on a research project with our lab for 10 weeks, please contact Dr. Mitchell, follow this link, and apply here: inbre.uidaho.edu/student-programs/fellows/

July 2019

Dr. Mitchell presents a talk at the Statewide Idaho INBRE Conference in Moscow, ID:

"Leveraging the zebrafish to uncover macrophage functions in the vertebrate retina."

A manuscript from collaborative work with the Stenkamp lab is published in PNAS!

June 2019

A manuscript from collaborative work with the Stenkamp lab on regeneration of bipolar cells in the zebrafish retina is published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology!

May 2019

Dr. Mitchell is awarded a Developmental Research Project grant from Idaho INBRE!

Learn about the Idaho INBRE program here: https://inbre.uidaho.edu/

Zach and Lindsey join our team as Research Technicians.

April 2019

Emma passes her pre-thesis proposal examination!

April 2019

Dr. Mitchell attends the ARVO research conference in Vancouver, and presents a poster detailing

in vivo dynamics of apoptotic cell clearance by primitive microglia in the developing retina.

March 2019

Our paper revealing the transcriptome of microglia and macrophages during retinal regeneration in zebrafish is published in Scientific Reports!

April 2018

Our paper describing microglia and macrophage characteristics during retinal degeneration and regeneration in zebrafish is published in Journal of Neuroinflammation!

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